The company provides medicines to healthcare institutions in different regions, and supplies medicines to the Ministry of Health of Ukraine. For 8 years of activity the company has established itself as a reliable and effective partner of the state in providing patients.

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About Us

Link-Medital has been operating in the pharmaceutical market since 2010. The enterprise is engaged in wholesale sale of high-quality medicines, medical products for the needs of medical-preventive institutions of the country.


We care about the quality medical services for our patients


We are modernizing the facilities and equipping them with modern equipment


We provide charitable assistance and comprehensive support to healthcare facilities


We are developing a network of state-of-the-art facilities to provide quality assistance to patients with kidney failure

Our Directions


The method of treatment of acute and chronic renal failure with the help of the device "artificial kidney"

Peritoneal Dialysis

The method of treatment of renal failure based on the metabolism between the blood of the patient and the dialysis solution


Supply of the highest quality drugs for the needs of healthcare institutions specializing in kidney disease

Orphan Disease

Ensuring excellent product quality and safety for patients with rare congenital or acquired rare diseases


Supply for healthcare facilities the highest blood clotting factors produced by a company called Baxter


Every effort is made to ensure that Ukrainian patients receive high-quality immunobiological preparations on time

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15 Feb 2020

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